Custom Buttercream Cakes and Cupcakes

Here at 405 Cakes custom cupcakes and buttercream cakes are available via phone or online consultation. Many factors will determine the price of your cake, including size, fillings, decoration, degree of difficulty and more. Prices will be quoted as we work together to customize your cake. That being said we know our biggest question is approximate starting prices, which we have listed.

Cupcake photos on my Instagram stories tab to browse through.

Cupcakes  $45+ a dozen

Standard size cupcakes, 1 dozen minimum, 1 dozen per flavor minimum

6 inch Round Buttercream Cake  $ 105 and up*

Serves 8-12

8 inch Round Buttercream Cake  $135 and up*

Serves 16-22

10 inch Round Buttercream Cake $155 and up*

Serves 26-38

12 inch Round Buttercream Cake  $175 and up*

Serves 36-54

*Priced by quote only

2 Tier Cakes

4"+6" round (serves 12-18)    $145 and up*

6"+8" round (serves 24-34)    $175 and up*

8"+10" round (serves 42-60)   $225 and up*

3 Tier Cakes

4"+6"+8" round (serves 28-40)    $250*

6"+8"+10" round (serves 50-72)   $350*

8"+10"+12" round (serves 78-114)  $400*

To receive a custom quote for your dream cake, give us a call 405-681-5065 or email us at

Things to have in mind when calling... flavor choices, pick up date, number of servings needed, and cake details such as (event color or theme, links to inspiration photos, cake topper requests and more)